Facebook Business Page Optimization

💁‍♀️ I’ll go over some crucial pointers for Facebook page optimization here:

✅ 1. Profile Photo:
We should utilize a target-related, brand-related, or logo-related profile photo on our page.

✅ 2. Cover photo:
Strive for the most exquisite cover shot. The cover photo must to be relevant to company, much as the profile photo. Giving the kind of video that best represents the brand or company as the cover image is advised. The video should last between 20 to 90 seconds.

✅ 3. Brief Synopsis:
Words pertaining to business should be written on the page in no more than 155 characters. Make sure the description makes sense and is relevant to business.

✅ 4. Story Panel:
The Story Panel need to have a thorough synopsis of the page. It is important to make sure the description is relevant to business. Anyone may quickly determine whether the page is relevant and what type of goods or services are offered. You may connect anything to this Story Panel, including your phone number, email address, and web address. You may enter up to 10,000 characters in this field.

✅ 5. Website Link:
Enter your own domain name or website URL in the Website Box by clicking on Edit Page Info. The company will become more well-known.

✅ 6. Business Category:
Selecting a category is contingent upon the nature of the business, institution, or product.

✅ 7. Call to Action Button:
A button should be added to the page so that customers can contact quickly. Action button can be call, message, whats-app contact button.

✅ 8. Pin Post:
Important posts should be added as Pin Posts. . The advantage of Pin Post is that the post to be Pinned will be first. Then the visitor will see that post first.

✅ 9. Video Posting:
Video must be posted. Uploading videos is important for the page to be known or get more followers, likes. Facebook now gives more reach to video posts.

✅ 10. Review Tab:
Click on Add a Tab Button from Template and Tabs option of Setting option. Then find Review Tab and click on Add Tab Button, Review Tab will be added on the left side of the page. A rating of how many visitors are active on the page or how many reviews the page is getting can be seen through the Review Tab.

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